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Time for a little of this and that. Unfortunately, I have zero pictures to share. But still, a few thoughts, and that's something, right?

First off, I just want to say a collective thank you for all of the lovely comments that you all leave. Receiving comments is still sort of new here on the blog, and I'm loving it. Every time that one pops up, I smile. Having blog friends is oh so fun!

The embroideries that I shared in my last post are now available in the shop as patterns. And just as a reminder, I'm still working on the Caregiver Kits project (see the sidebar for progress). The next sale I get will bump me to over 25%. (hint, hint) UPDATE: 25% has been reached! (but don't let that stop you...)

Speaking of the Caregiver Kits project, I can see at this point that it is HIGHLY unlikely that I will meet my goal by Easter (Because...how did we get this far into the year already? Where has March gone?). But I've decided that the calendar isn't going to determine where my shop profits go. The need is. So, until the $560 is raised, 100% still goes to the project.

I have been working on some new illustrations for things, and I am excited! Today I got the new April desktop finished, so you'll find that here tomorrow. And the workshop for April is going to be super cute...I can't wait!

Also in the works are some new collage sheets (perhaps embroidery patterns too), that came as a recommendation. The first is called "Game Night" and has things like cards, bowling, etc. The second doesn't have a name yet, but will have more technology/pop culture types of things: tv, mp3 player, video games, etc., but I'm still adding ideas to that list. So, any suggestions for things in that set, as well as a name would be appreciated.

This morning I met a friend at Starbucks and tried something that I read about on Elsie's blog. A Crunchberries Frappucchino. Ok, so you have to order it as a Tall Strawberries and Creme Frappucchino with a shot of Toffee Nut. But yes, it really does taste like Captain Crunch cereal. Yum!

I think it has already been a good Monday...here's to an even better week!


  1. Congrats on the 600th post...or 601th post now! :)

    Interesting Frap idea! :) My favorite drink right now is [a tall black ice tea, 1/2 sweetened, with a splash of strawberry]! YUM!!!

  2. Yumm! I love the captain. Look forward to seeing your new projects :)

  3. Hi Mollie !
    Wow, 600th post, that's quite a lot !!! Well, now 601 ! LOL
    Just saw this : http://www.feelingstitchy.com/2009/03/week-of-freebies-wild-olive-cuties.html
    Didn't know if you had seen it too.
    Have a great day today ! oxoxox

  4. Thank you so much for letting me know, Sonia!


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