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i should very much like...

...to have an assistant.

It's not that I'm really all that busy. When I look at the things that I need to get done, they are realistic. I think. But if I had an assistant, I would have them...

...keep me on task.
...find things for me.
...organize my everything.
...be extra hands.
...clean up the trail I seem to leave behind.

Man, I would be efficient then. Unless of course my assistant and I got to socializing. Then there would just be two of us not getting enough done.


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    When you figure out how to get one, let me know, ok? It'd be cool, but, like you, I'd get to socializing with mine ... *lol*

  2. find an intern? I learned in college that intern means cheap-o labor. In college tons of my design friends needed resume stuff and experience and so they embarked on internships. Just an idea!

  3. I like what you said in the end...that's perfect! I'd come and help you, but I'm sure the result would be two people having a theological discussion and not accomplishing anything. :)


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