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crafting with a friend...

...always fun!

cinnamon swirl cake...

My friend Catherine came over this morning for a bit of crafting. So I made this cinnamon swirl cake/bread, and a pot of tea, and we worked on bracelets.

catherine's charm cuff in the works...

Catherine is making hers with violets...so cute!

charm cuff

And I painted little pieces of canvas with a dandelion life cycle. I used safety pins to hold them on, which kind of balances out the girly eyelet.

charm cuff...

I love how it turned out, and will definitely make more. (I have a word one planned for next.) I thought that I wouldn't like how it feels or that it wouldn't be "me", but I think it is soooo fun! And it keeps my wrist warm!

Working by oneself is fine, and nice. But getting together for this sort of thing is very enjoyable. I need more crafty friends and more time to get together!


  1. The bracelet is so cute, and boy, do I wish I could craft with a friend here, but none of the ones I made here are (and that I'm going to be obliged to leave in three months, pooo !) Can't wait to see how the other bracelet will be !

  2. I'm determined to finish my bracelet this week and then do one with the dandelions you gave me. I still can't believe you gave me those! I heart them so.

    Also, your house is officially the house of comfort and comfortability. I've decided this!

  3. sonia...it seems that i will have to visit france and craft with you. or you can come here. you are so very welcome.

    catherine...i'm so glad you like the dandelions, but really it was nothing! thank you for the kind words. i hope you know that you are welcome here any time.

  4. my best friend from home just came for a craft weekend! our weekend consisted of eating out, sewing, fabric shopping, and reading craft blogs.
    it. was. awesome.


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