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lucky me...

Reticent Rabbit's Foot

This may be a little late for St. Patrick's Day stitching, but maybe not. I just finished setting up a new embroidery pattern called, "Lucky Me!" It is filled with lucky and unlucky things that can be stitched up in no time. The Reticent Rabbit's Foot above is my favorite. The question is, do you consider a rabbit's foot to be lucky or not? It didn't work out so well for the rabbit!


  1. you know what would really gross me out about rabbits' feet? the toenails! if it weren't for those toenails i could have forgotten what it really was and just rubbed it on my face like i wanted to.

  2. i don't know if they're luck or not but i know i love the one my mom gave me from when she was a teenager! i keep it on my keychain always. it's dyed blue.

  3. As a little girl, I had a pink rabbit's foot from the fair that I found endlessly fascinating. My favorite good luck charm these days is a buckeye given to me by my dad. It's always in my purse wherever I go. Your embroidery is adorable!


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