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a new year...

Happy 2009! I hope you had a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve! I had a very pleasant night filled with food, fun games and much laughter. But then, just after midnight I started thinking about sharing my news and plans with you. Without further ado...

Arriving in the Wild Olive shop in just one week (that's Thursday, January 8)... Make. Do. Create. a workshop in a PDF.

Each PDF will have a theme (the first is photo accessories, Valentine's Day will be second) and will contain five projects for you to Make. Do. Create. It will include complete instructions and photos, plus, each contains an exclusive embroidery pattern. The projects use basic materials and tools, and can be enjoyed by adults and older children alike.

I have been having so much fun coming up with these projects, and am so excited to share them! Here's a glimpse of my favorite:

Empty Frame Appliqué

Now, for the blog. Each month I'll also have a free project to download and this month's will go along with this month's character: Snippy Scissors. The project will be here soon, but for now, it's January, so get your computer ready to Make. Do. Create. by dressing it up with a Snippy Scissors desktop calendar.

And hey! Have a very Happy New Year!


  1. This is very very exciting!! :)

    How much are these going to cost? Is there a way to do a subscription and get a reduced cost? Are the 5 projects including the embroidery pattern or is it 5 AND a pattern? :)

  2. Good questions...good questions.

    5 projects, PLUS an embroidery pattern.

    No subscriptions right now, just because I'm not sure how often I'll put them out, or how many there will be, etc.

    Cost will be $15. And watch for a special offer for the Mailing A-List in the next few days.


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