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in my hair...

My sister was taking a few pictures of me yesterday while I was just sitting and having a chat with my mom. This used to make me very uncomfortable, but these days I just let her do it. After all, who's really going to see the pictures if they are horrifying?

Anyway, this shot is one that I really liked (no comments about the fact that my face isn't in it). But this is a nice view of how my hair often looks. Many days there is a pencil stuck in there...not functional, just there. And people will ask me, "Did you know there's a pencil in your hair?" or "Why do you have a pencil stuck in your hair?" It's cute and it's handy. And just because.

The downside is that I often forget it's there, and go to remove a sweater or something, and get all stuck and my hair pulls and I yelp. Oops.

1 comment:

  1. I used to use long nails in my hair- talk about yelping when you forget!!


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