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the stockings were hung...

...in the kitchen with care.

The stockings were hung...

It may seem a strange place to hang your stockings, but this year ours are in the kitchen doorway. We went with bright colors there, as opposed to the muted naturals of the recycled tree in the living room. I decorated these as a project in the class I'm taking, and they were so fun! I hope to add more little decorations to them next year and beyond. You can see more pictures on flickr...six in all.

This time of year I tend to think that I can do everything and never run out of time. Not so. Today I started looking at what I need to "die" to. All of the kinds of cookies I wanted to make...extra little gifts...etc. Kind of sad, but also a little freeing. What are the things that you know you won't get done in time for Christmas?


  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    They are great. I like the personal touches you gave them!!

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    These are DARLING Mollie! I never thought about hanging stockings in a doorway.



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