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things accomplished...

My mother has taught me that sometimes it's about the process and not the product. And although it has taken nearly 29 years for me to reach this conclusion, she is right. That said, sometimes it's nice to have a product to show for the time spent on the process. This was the first week of the online Elsie class, and I'm quite pleased with how many things I've done.

This brooch is a favorite. I have more of these started, because I know that I'll want a bunch, plus they are a perfect gift to have on hand. I even cut some of my treasured wool felt for this.

Leaf Brooch

Thanks to Elsie's tips I'm getting more comfortable taking self portraits...



...perhaps too comfortable.

my mini book

This mini book has been the most intimidating thing for me to make. But it's done and I'm really happy with it. Some inside pictures are on Flickr. This is what I love...is something that I love to say, and will be creeping in as a theme for some plans I'm concocting...

I started the week with a few painted journals (two for me, one for a gift, and more in the works), and am now headed off to do some more crafting while watching season two of Ugly Betty. So, a good week for process and product!


  1. Mollie! It is so nice to put a face to a name/blog/etsy shop/crafts.. :)

    I love your pin. Where can I find wool felt? I have so many craft supplies I don't think my mom will let me get anything else..but I only have the kids-craft felt.

    And we should totally do a swap.. do you have anything particular in mind?

    elsie's class is so lovely & inspiring, as is she. :)

  2. Wool Felt: I was blessed to receive the Felt Fanatics pack of felt from Magic Cabin as a gift (http://www.magiccabin.com/magiccabin/product.do?section_id=0&bc=1004&pgc=185)
    But I also use the wool felt from JoAnns that comes on the bolt.

    Swap: I was thinking that it would be fun to trade a project that we make in Elsie's class. What do you think?


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