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now with more sunlight...

jordnot embroidery

I didn't take any chances today. I took my pictures early on in nice light, setting aside real work, because, well, this was important! Above is a newly stitched up jordnot, from my new pattern. The jordnots are favorites of mine, and I think that I love them even more as embroideries. (Honestly, I'm not full of myself, I just get strangely attached to the things that I draw...)

Gift Tag Ornaments

Gift Tags

Then I have these new printable gift tags for the shop. The Cookies for Santa tags are double as ornaments, and I think they'll be the tags that I end up using this year. Might do some decorating as well.


Last thing to show off...my completed and traded coffee cuff. Now that I know that its recipient received it, I uploaded the picture. The thing is, now I'm kinda wanting a Polaroid coffee cuff. And yet, I think that I'm going to be busy, busy with making gifts for others...I guess I'll have to be patient.


  1. eeeeeeeeeeee! super cute! if only I didn't have 3482349324820934823 art supplies/embroidery patterns already. ah well, someday. :) (aka this will end up being my default comment everytime you post a new pattern for sale that I love ;))

  2. Those cookie tags are adorable!

    I also have a stack of things to photograph for my shop but the weather here has been so yucky. Maybe tomorrow!


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