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new books...

New Japanese Craft Books

I took a trip to the Japanese market/bookstore yesterday, and treated myself to some new books. I looked at many, but decided on three that are all very different from each other.

ISBN 978-4-277-56315-4

There are 23 animals to make in this one, and on the picture pages they have cute little sayings in English. For example, the snail page says: "Let's go slowly. The life is long. Take it easy." Cute! The otter above is my favorite guy though. Can't wait to make him!

ISBN 978-4-05-202839-7

Since I was little I've been obsessed with miniatures, so this book on making them is perfect for me. Think "make your own Re-Ment." Lots of the things in here are made from polymer clay, so I'm also hoping that the techniques will be helpful when making charms for the Elsie class I'm taking.

ISBN 978-4-277-31148-9

Finally, this one has some of the sweetest little sewing projects and embroidery ideas. Book covers, placemats, bags, etc. Each of the books have the patterns of course, but they are also good for pure inspiration. So much fun to be had!


  1. They are so cute! The animal one is my favourite x

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