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updated to do...

My to do list from a couple days ago is coming along:

2) Upload picture of yummy cupcakes. Done!

4) Decide best way to build email list to update folks about news and specials in the shop. Done! See the new mailing list in the sidebar to sign up!

5) Wait excitedly for new aviator bunny pattern to come in the mail from Wee Wonderfuls. (she's only a few towns away, but the mail routes further away before finding its way here) Done! It came today and is super cute! (The pattern that is...as if I have had time to make the thing!)

7) Figure out if this is possible to do before October 1 (wait, that's Wednesday!) Done! It's not possible. But technically I only wanted to figure out if it would be possible to complete my list by today.

I was talking with a friend today about lists. She avoids them. I am comforted by them. But I don't even need to always check off the items on the list. Sometimes it's just nice to think through things and get them on paper. Then I can revise, move on, or occasionally, complete them! The to do list in discussion here will be completed...I can feel it!

1 comment:

  1. I make so many lists! Its the only way I can make sure I don't get distracted and just do fun crafty stuff, like make those aviator bunnies - my pattern came this week too! So so cute! xo


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