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a little behind...

Boy, I skip a couple days of blogging, and I'm all off! Actually, I feel a bit behind on so many things lately, but what are you gonna do? I am thrilled to say that I've completed the Cookies for Santa embroidery. See a glimpse of it on Flickr, and you'll get to see the entire piece when the pattern is officially finished (it still needs a few tweaks).


The biggest fun project I've had going was making hot pepper jelly. It's one of my dad's favorite things, and he's gotten me hooked as well. Call us crazy, but we enjoy a little bit spread on pizza. Really.

Anyway, I've never made jelly by myself, but it seemed reasonable...I should be able to do this. So, I'm going at it, mixing things in, stirring...

Making Jelly

and boiling...

Boiling Jelly

and then...whoa! That foam you see is the start of the whole pot boiling over. The biggest mess ever. I wish I had a picture of this, but I'm talking serious panic mode. The whole stove top was covered in a layer of boiling jelly. And we're still working on getting parts of it clean. 3 days later.

Pouring into the Jars

But then things got back on track and I was able to fill the jars. Even with the loss of a chunk of it, I still ended up with more than I was expecting. So, that's good.

Pepper Jelly in Jars

The best part is that after processing the jars, all sealed the first time! Yay! Can't wait to start enjoying it!


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