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what Ike resulted in...

I promise, I will no longer complain when our house floods. When we flood, we all take turns in one area of the house, vacuuming a steady stream of water that is generally controllable if we stay on top of it. When a friend of ours' house flooded, the front yard and street was knee deep in water.

Cowboy Cookie

And so, the Ike residue we got wasn't so bad. Plus, the cold front and stress inspired me to make cookies. These are Cowboy Cookies that I've been wanting to try for a while. They have oatmeal, chocolate chips, golden raisins and coconut in them. Very nice. And I think that if I removed the chocolate chips, and make the golden raisins regular raisins, they just might be perfect oatmeal raisin cookies. Will definitely have to try that...


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