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the start of things to come...

Cookies for Santa WIP

My posts always feel so short, especially compared to some of the blogs I enjoy so much, but alas, my attention span is about as short as these posts. Here's a peek at the pencil stage of the new embroidery I'm working on. This plate of 12 cookies is for Santa, and the 12 varieties will most likely end up actually baked for Christmas. The pattern will be available in the shop, as well as recipe cards featuring these tasty treats.

Family Tree WIP

In other super secret pencil stages, I'm working on making a family tree painting for my parents' anniversary. The only thing is, it needs to be done for Thursday. I best get going!

And because I must secretly like going crazy with things all at once, in addition to the "real work" I have going, I need to come up with a lovely little gift for my cousin's little girl's first birthday, and finish up a new baby gift...by Saturday.


  1. Oh my, oh my!! You have loads of things to do...but they sure sound exciting.

    I will look forward to see the 12 cookies for Santa...

  2. Those cookies (from what I could make out) look Busy and I look forward to seeing them!

    Well, I've officially got bitten by the embroidery bug. I ran into old ones from the 40's and such and went mad. Mad. We got to get together again soon! I had a great time this last time we met up.


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