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serendipitous cake...

Pineapple Lei Cake

My very skinny sister isn't one for desserts. Perhaps why she's so skinny. But seriously, ever since she was young she hasn't favored sweets, especially chocolate. So when we discover a tasty treat that she likes, believe me, I hold on to the recipe. (It's part of my secret plan to fatten her up to normal size!)

Her birthday cake of choice lately has been a Pineapple Lei cake. The recipe is from Sweet Serendipity, the cookbook from the folks at Serendipity 3 in NYC. I've made a number of the sweets from the book, but this one has stuck out as a favorite. Making it in a pie plate instead of a pan is my addition and it works well. We just serve it up like pie and it is so yummy. And all gone.

Pineapple Lei Cake


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