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stitchy gifts...

You don't gnome me...

I've been itching to show off my latest projects, but decided to play it safe since they were gifts. But yesterday was my sister's birthday and so secrecy is no longer needed. In fact, I even made her take the pictures!

The top piece is a combination of BadBird's free gnome pattern, with some text that Anna fell in love with from a shirt she saw on Etsy. It's all glued into the hoop so she can hang it as it is.

Happy Camera Bag

This second part of her gift is a camera bag (the source of nylon cord frustration...I will likely replace with cotton soon). I know, you're thinking, obviously...there's a camera, and it's on a bag. But really, it's meant to hold her camera and keep it safe so she can put it in a tote bag/purse, and not have to carry a whole big case around always. The happy little camera on there seemed appropriate...

Happy Camera

Happy Birthday, Anna!

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