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Rhubarb Quick Bread

This Sunday, my grandparents will celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary. Wow! I almost have a hard time even imagining what that would be like. Anyway, to celebrate, we aren't doing anything too big, but we will be having similar foods to what they had at their wedding: chicken salad, little sandwiches, peach ice cream.

Since today was nice and cool-ish, it seemed the perfect time to turn the oven on again. (We try to avoid running air conditioning, therefore, the oven is also avoided at all costs!) I made this rhubarb quick bread (and nearly burned it!) as the first bread for those little sandwiches. My only trouble is that it is for Sunday, and I can't start eating it now! It smelled so good while baking...

Tomorrow, banana bread and pineapple bread. Yum!


  1. yummy...the bread looks so tasty!

  2. my mouth is watering...

  3. Thanks! The pineapple bread is baking right now...the smell is divine!


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