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audio patch...

Rueful Record embroidered patch

Updating old clothes with new embroidery... I wanted to add some of my designs to clothing types of things, but nothing too permanent. Plus I like stitching on the linen-like fabric that I stole from my mom's stash. So I came up with this patch, that can be pinned onto anything, but removed before laundering.

Antique Audio's Rueful Record is my first patch, but certainly not the last. I got to thinking as I was making this...Rueful Record is sad, because vinyl just isn't as popular (oh to be an mp3 file!). He doesn't get to make a sound when made of thread and fabric. And yet, he does. Every time I pull the thread through the taut weave of the cloth, it makes a sound. A lovely sound that I can't even describe. But if you've every embroidered in this manner, you know what I mean. I love that sound. And for this patch, at least, it's the voice of Rueful Record.

Rueful Record embroidered patch

All this embroidery is part of a secret project I'm working on. Keep watching for updates!


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