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when i have time...

This has been a very full week of work for me...and it's only Wednesday! But along the way I've found time to spot a few things that I really do need to try out, as soon as I find the time:

Knitted Market Bag. This tutorial looks fairly simple, and I would love a bag like this. The only thing is, I don't knit in the summer. I just can't.

Ciabatta Bread.
Heidi Kenney made this, and it looked wonderful. Again, summer gets in the way with all the heat. But I have an idea that it might just work on the gas grill. Worth a shot!

Shrinky Dinks. I loved these as a kid, and in fact, have some of the real deal around here waiting to be used. But it's so stinking expensive! Playing around with recycling to make them sounds way fun.

Cupcake Pops. These will have to happen fairly soon. As in, block party next week soon. So cute, so fun and easy to eat! Bakerella, why didn't I know you existed?

1 comment:

  1. ack! So many good links in one post ~ amazing!
    My family thanks you in advance for the Bakerella heads-up!!


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