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treats for the 4th...

Star cookie sandwiches

Today has been a day of making treats for Independence Day. I was really hoping that the weather would be cool enough for me to bake, because I really hate having the oven going when it's 4th of July hot. And fortunately, it was a nice cool day!

So, star sandwich cookies, blueberry flag cookies (didn't get a picture yet), giant biscuits for strawberry shortcake (finished product pics tomorrow), and rice krispy treats were made. As well as potato salad. The star sandwiches were made with the recipe for "Merry Christmas Cookies" from the old Betty Crocker Cooky Book. They have honey in them and lemon flavoring. They almost have a spice cookie taste. But the extra special part is the raspberry jam in the middle. Yum. I think I should have made a double batch.

Wrapped Krisy Treat...

Krispy treats disappear fast around here, so I made a lot. A lot, a lot. But I only wrapped half of them in red cellophane topped with a hand-drawn sticker. I think they came out really cute. And I'm hoping that the neighbors were unable to tell that I was photographing snacks on the front lawn...


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