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Wild Olive cards, tags, etc...

I love paper. So you can imagine my glee when I opened a box containing the above tags. My items that I make have been packaged using tags made of kraft paper. I love the look, but it is a royal pain to cut the rolled paper and get it to feed through the printer. Plus, I wanted something more substantial that I could use as a business card or promotional piece. So I've been hunting. And then I found Uprinting.com. They will make custom size printed pieces, and the cost is amazingly low, especially at higher quantities.

My logo on these has been updated, so that will end up changing here on the blog, and at the shop too...I wanted to take full advantage of the 4-color printing, plus it felt like time. The tags/cards above are 2" x 2" on glossy cardstock. The color is a bit different than what I saw on my screen, but that's expected. Other than that, the quality is wonderful. And although shipping went up, the price for the printing remained the same for 100 or 3000. So I got 3000.


  1. I am going to have to check out their site. How much are they? Your tags look great btw

  2. Thanks! They were around $30, plus shipping. (which, because they are card stock was almost half as much as the tags!) But still a deal!

  3. These are so great!! And, dang, a deal!


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