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gifts for my parents...

coconut pineapple loaf cake

On either side of the 4th of July holiday, my parents have birthdays. These days the celebrations are what we call around here, "Happy Stupid Birthday." As in, not too much goes on, and that's okay. But in keeping with my plan to only make the gifts I give to my family this year, here are the simple things I made. The cakes above are my gift to my dad. Sure this could just be dessert, but these were made from scratch on a hot day (today). Trust me, this was special.

And below are some brooches I made for my mom. They are the "Folk Svenska" illustrations that I've been mulling over for a while. The idea for laminated brooches came from yaelfran, and I think that the clog, fisk and dala came out quite well...

Folk Svenska brooches

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