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i'll get the tab...

TAB mini book

My dear dad loves TAB. If you've never heard of it, TAB is a diet cola made by the Coca-Cola Company. Often when it comes up in conversation, the first question asked is, "Do they still make that?" The answer is yes, although it is hard to find. We almost always have a case of it around, and so my dad suggested that I should find something to make with the cartons. I was thinking wallet or folder. But then I saw some mini books on Etsy, and I got this idea.

TAB mini book

These fun little books are just the right size to fit in a pocket, and will hold lists and notes or some doodles. My dad got four of them for Father's Day, but I know I'll be making more. Because, for starters, I'll need some. Plus I'm thinking this could be a great way to use interesting packaging and the excess of paper that I seem to acquire!


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