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the fruit of my labors...

Honey Honeys Recipe Cards

Yesterday I promised to give a bit of an update on what I've been working on. So here it is.

The Honey Honeys are a group of illustration doodles that came out of a request for bee themed address cards. Before I knew it, there were four new characters. But my favorite part of this is that the address cards will be used in place of a guest book at a wedding. Great idea, right? The recipe card version seen above is available in the shop.

Speaking of weddings, I'm now working on another set of illustration doodles that will be wedding in theme...they are only in the sketchbook right now, but they'll be next to make it onto the screen.

Finally, I discovered how much I enjoy making custom items. So if folks are looking for recipe or address cards with different doodles, I will be only too happy to create them. More on this along the way...

So now, on to a weekend of creating...


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