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A song for me...

It's a bit odd, because I love art, I love illustration, I love photography. And yet, I never buy any of these things, at least, not for my personal enjoyment. But in a move very unlike me, a few weeks ago I purchased the above print online. Actually, I fell in love with "Song for You" the moment I saw it on Etsy (mine is the 8x10 version). I marked it as a favorite, left my computer for a short while, and returned to find that it was sold. Disappointed, I took a chance and sent a message to the creator, and very talented illustrator, Lauren Minco. She replied quickly to let me know that she would list more and then I would have this print that I so desired.

My print arrived (along with some fab stickers), and sat, waiting for me to find a nice matte and frame. And so, now it at last at home on my office wall. It hangs over my desk and he makes me happy. He also inspires my 8-year-old brother to try and hum his song.

In other print related news, I've constructed another Etsy treasury, this time all filled with prints that I find charming. Find it here until Monday afternoon. And find Lauren Minco's lovely shop here, hopefully for a long time!


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