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happy [belated] arbor day...

My feet at Ash Alley

My family isn't huge on Earth Day, for reasons I won't even go into, but Arbor Day is another story. And since yesterday was Arbor Day, we went to the nearby Morton Arboretum (it was free day in honor of this leafy holiday). A brief history: J. Sterling Morton started Arbor Day in 1872 as a means of celebrating planting trees. The Morton family became known for planting trees, and his son Joy started the arboretum. This was just a bit of info shared at the tree planting ceremony.

It was really a beautiful day there yesterday...so much to see, walk through, drive through, etc. This picture is of a walkway in the Children's Garden. The Ash is significant to me because I have an Ash tree planted in our front yard, that was added when I was adopted into the family. We're sentimental about these things...

Anyway, we never got to hugging any trees, but we did celebrate them. And we planted some saplings to bring home and add to our tree-filled landscape.


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