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best music on television...

My family is one that loves old movie musicals. Fred Astaire was a favorite of mine, and I even dressed up as Cyd Charisse for Halloween when I was like, 7 (this involved a vintage children's ball gown and some satin shoes). The new movie musicals like Moulin Rouge, Chicago, and others often based on Broadway shows are good, but just not the same.

But when it comes to television, there are a few that stand out. Sure it's a kids show, but Backyardigans is, in my opinion, one of the most creative shows on TV. The themes are amazingly fresh, and there's some great humor tucked in there for the adults that end up watching over and over. But it's the music that really makes this show unique. If you're not familiar, each episode features a different style of music, ranging from polka to funk to Bollywood. This is really great music!

But then there's the sitcoms that add music from time to time. Drew Carey did it, and others too, but the episode of Scrubs called My Musical is by far my favorite. I've been going through all of the seasons of Scrubs on DVD, and have watched this episode twice because I just couldn't get enough. "Everything Comes Down to Poo"...just too funny! "Guy Love"...a hit! "Friends Forever"...better than than Grease!

So, while I'll never depart from the classic movie musical, these small screen options are very worth watching...


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