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Apple Pie Cupcakes

...apple pie cupcakes.

Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like frosting? I've encountered a few, and some even live at my house. These people amaze me, because I could just eat frosting. I have to find things to put frosting on, just so I don't look entirely crazy.

Anyway, I discovered this recipe for apple pie cupcakes at Alpineberry, and although cinnamon buttercream was suggested (I'm sure it's wonderful), I tried these without to appeal to the others in my family. And I gotta say, even without frosting, they are so, so tasty. Kind of like a muffin/cupcake. A keeper.

Also, speaking of baking, a friend sent me a link to the Eugene and Louise Bakery. It's part baking, part sculpture, part illustration. Amazing. And although I've never messed around with marzipan before, it makes me want to. So good...


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