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lots of appeal...

On New Year's Eve we started playing this game. A word game that is kind of like Scrabble, only not, because you can rearrange the words, you don't score points for each word, and each person plays independently. We went ape for it. Since then, not a day goes by that we don't play this simple little game called Bananagrams.

I've loved games like Boggle and such since I was little, but because I play frequently, no one in my family likes to play with me. But the great thing about Bananagrams is that the length of your words doesn't make a difference, only if you can get rid of all of your tiles, once all of the tiles in the "bunch" are gone. Timing can be vital. Now we've all gone bananas for this crossword game (that comes is the cute banana pouch). Buy it today. Really.


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