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baked in a pie...

Have you noticed how often movie trailers, and even the synopsis on the DVD packaging, are misleading? Honestly, sometimes it's like a whole other movie. I've run into this a couple times lately, and I confess, the movies I saw were good; just not what was expected.

One such film was "Mistress of Spices". Romantic and enjoyable, but not "A Comedy that Indulges Your Senses." Last night we watched "Waitress" starring Keri Russell. Funny in a dark sort of way, but not the romantic comedy I thought I was about to watch. However, there was a lot of pie throughout. Lots of pie. And they all had great names that had little to do with what they were, like, "Lonely in Chicago Pie".

So I was inspired to bake a pie, made with apple and cream cheese. I had every intention of taking a photo, but forgot, and now there's not much left and it's no longer pretty. But in honor of these semi-misleading movies, I title it "Cinematic Beguilements Pie".


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