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there may be something there...

How can it already be December 7? A week ago, I was still in warm, sunny Florida, enjoying the magic of Disney World, and now, snow (which I kind of like). But before it becomes forgotten, I wanted to share a few fun happenings from my trip. We like to remember the little things that made us laugh along the way, so here we go:

While traveling through the "Magic Kingdom" we saw a mom pushing a rented stroller. Her kids were walking. Her husband was riding.

While watching a Woody's Roundup show, one of the cast members walked up and touched the top of my head. That's strange, right?

At the "Norway Pavilion" at "Epcot" a woman asked a cast member, "What language do you speak in Norway?" She then expressed her surprise that there are brunettes in Norway, not just blondes. Um, yeah.

Throughout "Disney MGM Studios" cast members in shows seemed a bit distracted. They were giggling, messing with each other, and just having a good time while working.

But by far, the thing we enjoyed the most, was during the Beauty and Beast stage show. As the characters were singing "There May be Something There That Wasn't There Before", the Beast was wiggling, jumping around and wrapping his cape around him. It wasn't long before we realized that he was desperately trying to keep his pants up.

A good time was had by all.


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