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plans for the new year...

I had all these great ideas about things that I would accomplish before today, but I saw them fading away. But then, something happened, and in a burst of energy and determination...things came together. If you've stopped by Wild Olive before, you may have seen a Merry Tree, a Nervous Turkey, or perhaps the Chocolate That Nobody Wants. What you may not have known, is that these doodles, each with their own personality, are called "Characteristics." For 2008, I've created 12 new Characteristics, one for each month.

Each Characteristic is featured on a page of this printable calendar. Just download the PDF, then follow the instructions to create your own calendar. Desktop wallpaper calendars for your computer will be available on the first of each month (if all goes as planned), plus, there will be a printable each month to go with these goofy little doodles.

This is a bit of a commitment, but I tell ya, I'm up to it! Keep visiting and see for yourself!


  1. Jeff and I got the hugest kick out of your calender! I think my personally favorite was Yakkity Yam. Sheer genius.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks! The Yakkity Yam is my favorite too!


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