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the ultimate designer and artist...

When my brothers and sisters and I have "joined" our family, our parents plant a tree for us. This spring, my sister's tree went through a hard time, and we didn't think it would make it. It sounds silly, but we prayed for that tree. Now, finally, there are leave on about 3/4 of it.

The branches of Anna's tree are right outside the window in my office, and when the sun is at the right angle, a beautiful shadow is cast on my wall. I love it so much that I want to paint it so that it is always there. Sometime I will. Today I happened to glance out the window just as a swallowtail butterfly landed on a leaf. The butterfly had some wing damage, but managed to fly just fine, and moved from blossom to blossom. Beautiful.

How amazing is God? I work hard to draw a leaf, and that's simply copying something that He made! As a designer, I am humbled (as I should be!), but I see that God made me in His image. Any creativity I have, comes from Him.


  1. True, and very neat.

    Time to reread O. Henry's, "The Last Leaf"...

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Amen, I am a photography student, and totally agree with you! We should be humbled by the masterful design of our heavenly father.

    God Bless

    <>< A fellow sister in Christ


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