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i smelled you before i saw you...

Imagine someone actually saying this to you: "I didn't see you come in, but I knew you were here. I could smell you." Thankfully someone qualified this by explaining to me and my co-workers that she meant it as a good thing, and that she thinks I always smell good. This isn't odd for me anymore, and I have Bath & Body Works to thank. My sister and I discovered their Pecan Passion lotion, and can't get enough. (I think that I have about 5 bottles on hand, in case they discontinue it.)

When either one of us wears the lotion, people often stop, sniff the air, and say, "Do you smell [insert food item here]?" Top food items include:
Baked Goods
Rice Krispy Treats
Cotton Candy
Caramel Apples
Those are actual things people have said! I believe that it's a psychological thing, and that they smell the food that they're craving. What yummy treat are you wanting?

1 comment:

  1. Have you heard the song, "I knew I loved you before I met you?" I think this blog title could be a strong title for a new chart hit: "I smelled you before I saw you..." Think about it!


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