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the eggs were all dyed by the children with care...

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...in hopes that the bunny, soon would be there.

Happy Easter Eve! We colored eggs tonight, and amazingly, I didn't get any dye on my clothes. My fingers are another story. We tend to be purists, when it comes to eggs. Nothing fancy, just some dye tablets in cups of water. Due to a misunderstanding about what colors the tablets really were, however, I added lemon juice to the pink (I thought it was purple), apparently ruining it. But it turned out nice having the four colors that we did. They work well, and almost have a Martha Stewart thing going on. You know, if Martha had little kids throwing eggs into cups of dye in the middle of her kitchen.

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  1. If I can help you determine which color is which, certainly let me know. I'd be happy to tell you what I think they are! Looks like fun. Hope you had a very Happy Easter!


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