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baking like mad...

Christmas has snuck up again this year, and although not all gifts are wrapped (some aren't even finished!), I've been hit with the baking bug. Within the last week I've felt the urge to make cookies, so I think that I now have 11 kinds made, with 2 more planned to do before Christmas.

The list:

Honey Cut-outs
Frosted Stars (mmm...my favorite)
Oatmeal Coconut Gumdrops
Chocolate Crinkles
Candy Canes
Gingerbread Men
Cranberry Drops
Gingerbread Dots
Peppermint Drops

The best part about it is that I've actually enjoyed all of the baking, so it hasn't felt rushed or like a chore. The bad part is that in the process, I melted my grandma's Tupperware. Guess she'll be getting a new pie container for Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. Mollie...plastic is just not made for a hot stove burner!


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