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free music...

Around Thanksgiving and Christmas we often talk about the importance of generosity. In fact, that was the topic of the lesson in Sunday School yesterday, and it's a fun one to talk about with kids. They're more honest than adults, but also more eager to please. But I'm getting off topic...

I bring up generosity, because I'm thankful for folks who are generous, such as Derek Webb. He's offering his new album as a free download. That's right, absolutely free. All he asks is that you pass the word along. I wasn't familiar with Derek Webb, so when I heard this, I was interested, but not sure that I would actually want to listen. But let me tell ya, it's good stuff! So I now generously share with you the free music. Just head to freederekwebb.com, then generously pass this on to others!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your generosity, I already passed to all of my fiends.


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