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War of the marshmallows?

Sure Tom Cruise has a new movie coming out called "War of the Worlds." Sure he's a little nuts with his Katie crush. But that's nothing compared to what's been going on around my house. My sister and I have had a War of the Marshmallows with the marshmallow shooters we got. And my love for these weapons of mass fluffiness has made me a little nuts. These babies are sweet...so fun! My regrets are a) that we only bought 2, and b) that I don't have extra magazines. Perhaps that will be another purchase. I will say that the LED sites they sell seem a bit useless. It's difficult to shoot the marshmallows straight, especially when they fly out of the gun three or four at a time (not to mention, mid-war, no one stands still long enough). But let me tell you, with the sleight sting they leave, poppin' marshmallows at a sibling is big fun...


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