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Say what?

For the last week or so, I've been trying to clean out my life. I have WAY too many pieces of paper in large stacks. Much of it is stuff I want, and am trying to at least have organized in some way, some are things that I should at least look at, and the rest are pieces of paper that I simpy don't need any more. But it's a task looking at each piece and sorting it all out.

I was pleased however, when I found something that I really enjoyed. It was called "Trouser Semaphore." Hilarious. This was a website that had a trouser related pose for each letter of the alphabet, and then it had animations of a guy spelling out messages. I loved it. I tried to convince a few friends to learn it with me, but it never caught on. Kidding. Anyway, I tried to find this great site again, but alas, it is gone. All I have left is my little inkjet print of the Trouser Semaphore. So sad.

Am I ever glad I looked through all of those stacks of paper...


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