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Creepiness of The Brothers Quay?

Perhaps instead of creepiness, that should be sleepiness...

Let me explain. A year ago, my friend told me about The Brothers Quay. He described their stop action films and told me that he didn't know that I would like their work. That it might be too creepy and weird. They sounded interesting, but I soon forgot about them.

Recently, I came across someone online that mentioned them again. I remembered what my friend had said, and decided to find some of their short films. I did, and on Monday night my sister and I watched.

She was the first to fall asleep. She soon woke up and went to bed. Shortly after, I started drifting in and out. Don't get me wrong, every part that I saw, I loved. I can't wait to see more. It's just that there is something about the soft music and the movement of empty doll heads that was comforting enough to put me to sleep. Yes, it was creepy. But it was good creepy.

Sadly, the video had to be returned. But I'll be checking it out again soon. This time I'll be sure to be less sleepy.


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