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You Kandoo?

Every day, I am surrounded by kids and kid stuff. I realized today that I blog about kids quite a bit too. This is amusing to me, because I have no children, only brothers and sisters that I love so very much.

Occasionally, items for children are so cute, or so wacky that you just can't help but smile, laugh, or tell the world. Yesterday, a large envelope arrived at my house. It contained "a helping hand from Kandoo." If you haven't seen the commercials, Kandoo is a box of flushable wipes designed for children learning to use the potty. I was amused by the commercials, but the packet they sent out was great.

But it got better. Today I went to the website. Their mascot is an adorable frog who demonstrates the process of going potty. I know that it's a little Jr. High of me, but I couldn't help but watch the little animated frog as he wipes his little bottom with the Kandoo wipes. I'm sure you'll want to too. Just click on the wipes, then sit back and prepare to giggle like you're 12 again!


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