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The re-birth of the musical?

I grew up watching old movie musicals. I loved Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Cyd Charisse. So much so, that I dressed as Cyd Charisse once for Halloween. Of course, no one knew who I was trying to be. But back to the muscials.

People always poke fun at how things suddenly stop as everyone breaks into song. How is it that everyone knows what to sing and what the dance steps are going to be? But to me, that wasn't important. There is still something so fantastic about this type of movie. The sets and costumes are beautiful, and everything is so big. So, wow. Movies like Moulin Rouge and the new Chicago have done a nice job with this too, but I still like the look of the orginals.

But now, imagine if your life was like a movie musical, and you started singing at random. If you can't do that, imagine that you're somewhere, say, at the library, and someone else starts singing at random. It sounds crazy, but a theater group decided to make it happen. It's called the Library Musical. (via Robot Johnny) It makes me want to actually try doing this.

Well, maybe not.


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