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I've got rhythm?

One of the gifts that we got at my house was Donkey Konga for Game Cube, with an appropriate number of conga drum controllers. This was one of those games that seemed like you would catch on within a reasonable amount of time. I was wrong. We have put in a large number of hours trying to look like we know what we're doing. To look like we have rhythm. We don't. Before we started playing, I was already thinking of fun ways to make it more challenging. You know, things like, listen to one song while beating out another song in the game. We don't need challenging.

But I'm being positive...after all, my newly turned five-year-old brother P.J. is able to play along with us. And he does pretty good! He really gets into it. Earlier, he had been playing so hard he said, "Whew! I'm all poofed out!" You read that right. Poofed out.

In the meantime, while playing, I keep thinking of the Donny and Marie Osmond movie, Going Coconuts. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because that's what I'm doing...Going Coconuts!

This whole thing has potential though. My friend who teaches music is coming to visit for a few days, and we'll be testing her musical skills. And I think that a Donkey Konga party is in order. Perhaps a championship tournament at my house...


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