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Illustration Friday: Adoption?

Adoption Posted by Hello

For this week's Illustration Friday theme of Adoption, I chose to illustrate my family. Well, at least the kids in my family. Each of us are adopted, except for James, who is our foster brother. Being part of an adopted family is such a blessing. It is wonderful to know that you were chosen. Chosen by your parents, and chosen by God to be part of your family. I feel doubly blessed to be adopted into God's family.

Clockwise from the top: Max (2), Anna (17), James (15 months), Me, P.J. (5), and Anders (10). Click the image for a larger, better view.


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    really cute!

  2. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I'm glad that this week's theme could mean so much to so many out there. Love the illo!


  3. I love that you've got a wonderful personal story you could relate into your illustration! It's wonderful!


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