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Photo Friday?

I was just reading about and checking out Photo Friday. Then in the Blogger news, Biz Stone suggested the idea of collecting photo requests. I'm going to take him up on this. So here's how this will work. I'll post up to three photos of things around me and my life--of your choice (sort of). Please be reasonable...be creative, but nothing nasty. I'll try and accomodate the top three requests. Leave your request as a comment to this post. Pictures will be posted in two weeks, on Friday, October 15.

1 comment:

  1. I would like to see a picture of some of your books, either a stack on your nightstand or a special bookcase or other nook where you pile up things you're reading. Not a cleaned up area, "photo ready," but just the way it is every day, whether it's neat and orderly or in a state of creative chaos!


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