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Threw and through?

It all started with the idea that I should be having a little more fun. Well, it has happened. Once again, I blame my nearly seventeen-year-old sister, Anna. She encourages me...sometimes that's good...other times, not so much. It won't be long before my parents think that I've really flipped out. Yes, I really have done some house gymnastics (The parental unit is worried that I may injure myself and/or the kitchen island.). But today, it was much worse. We invented a little game.

I'm sure it's been done before, but never in our house. We're calling it "Threw and through." It's simple. All you need is a rubber bouncy ball (ours was 25 cents in the Old Navy capsule machine), and a ceiling fan. Oh, and enough guts to risk wiping out a wall of glassware.

Set your fan on low (to start with--we're planning on getting braver). Stand underneath. And as soon as you're ready, toss the ball into the fan. The goal is to get it to fly between the blades, then drop again between (or "through") the blades. It sounds tricky, but we've both done it. And if you miss...look out! Anna hit some pans...I only hit the cabinets. Once you've seen how it flies, you have a better idea about where you'll want to be standing.

My dad said, "Really, don't." My mom covered her head as she said, "She's gonna do it anyway." And then it flew. So I missed on that throw. No one was injured. Nothing was broken. But fun was had.


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