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Feeling Judged?

I'm a visual person. I retain more when I read things than when when I hear them. It's also good when things are visually pleasing. It doesn't matter how great the content of something is, if it's not nice to look at, they've lost me. That's right. I judge books by their covers. And like the website of the same name, I judge blogs by their covers.
Not that I'm one to talk. My blog sits here, all template based, and in need of a redesign. (Is it a redesign, if I never designed it to begin with?) Blue Plaid Shirt has felt the redesign itch after seeing so many favorite blogs get redesigned. So now, it's something that I'll be working on in my spare time. (see Nothing better to do?) A change is needed, and eventually, a change will come.
For now, don't judge me!


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