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Fancy a blog?

My dear friend Autumn asked me about blogs. So in response to her question, I offer up a few of the blogs that I like to check out on a regular basis.

My first stop is always Robot Johnny. In addition to having great infomation that is funny and up-to-date, he creates some excellent illustrations! Then I head to Veer's The Skinny, where they have cheeky comments about some excellent sites, many related to Graphic Design. I find this to be a great resource.

For inspiration and a good laugh, I enjoy reading Keri Smith's Wish Jar Journal. She includes words of wisdom, thoughts, and illustrations to boot!

And finally, when I feel like I have too much "stuff," that I am the biggest pack rat in the world, and I start asking myself "why am I keeping this?", I have a way to feel better. My Urban Dig is a showcase of someone's random items that they have kept, for one reason or another. Suddenly, I'm not so crazy.


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