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calendar // a pearlescent pearl for june

Well, hello, June! How it is we arrived at June already astounds me. The year is nearly halfway gone already! But I don't want to get ahead of myself too much.

June's birthstone isn't what we think of with birthstones too much, as it's pearl. And actually, to be fair, there are a few other birthstone options for June, but pearl is traditional. And I do love pearls. They're a classic. But they're also simple, which makes this month's calendar (and the pattern to come) also simple.

And you know what? I'm in need of simple. Currently I'm in the process of trying to work ahead so I don't fall behind when I take a summer vacation (which I'll share more about later...). Unfortunately it's not been going very well! So I'll keep this post simple and sweet so I can go back to work and you can download these calendars!

Add them to your desktop, phone or tablet. You could even print one to hang near your desk or pop it into your planner!

Also, I have a new privacy policy here on the blog. Just in case you were wondering...


  1. I love pearls! They are so classy :-) And I'm excited about your podcast...now that's school's out I'm looking forward to catching up.

  2. nice post, see you later on your podcast

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Just popped by to say thanks for all the work you have done over on the spruce crafts website. I've found your embroidery posts really informative helpful and some of the best out there. I really appreciate them as they have been very useful for me. I'm having lots of fun with embroidery. Thanks again :)


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