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calendar // a sweet diamond for april

Welcome to April! A month that is apparently so special that it gets a diamond for its birthstone, and a sweet smiling one if you're shopping for Wild Olive diamonds!

Since it was released in November, I've been obsessed with the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp app. It harkens back to the days when I would stay up until the wee hours playing Animal Crossing on Game Cube. What does that have to do with this month's birthstone calendars?

Well, sometimes the characters in the game look at the ocean and say something like "It looks like a sea of diamonds! Wouldn't it be wonderful to dive in? No, you're right...that does sound painful." Or they'll say that "seashells are like nature's diamonds! Wait, I guess diamonds are nature's diamonds!"

Anyway, I can't help but think of these silly quotes now when a diamond is mentioned! Download your own calendar wallpaper with one of nature's diamonds below. Save what you need to your devices and set them as your background wallpapers or lock screens.

At the start of each month, I also like to do a little recap of a few things that happened in the previous month. Things that may have been shared elsewhere, but not here.

For starters, April 1 was the end of my World Vision Care Kits project, and although shop sales didn't quite meet my goal, it was close and I have a plan to fill in the gap and finish the project. In fact, supplies are ordered and a wonderful group of girls will be helping me assemble them next week! More info on that coming soon.

Friendly Fast Food Printables

These kawaii fast food printable packages are a freebie at Handmade Charlotte, and they're fun for play or to wrap small gifts!

Ribbon Tag Blanket
Catnip Mouse Cat Toy

I sewed this ribbon tag blanket and a catnip-filled mouse for The Spruce. I also drafted a pattern for sewing a sun hat, which I think I need to write an entire post about. Because it was the first wearable with a shaped pattern that I've ever made on my own. It was a learning experience, and I'm really happy with the results!

Bunny Balloon Printables

Leading into Easter, I made these printable accessories to create a wacky, wobbling bunny balloon. And you know what? It doesn't have to only be an Easter Bunny! Grab the printable at Hello Bee.

That's a just a smattering of things. There was also work behind the scenes on things that will come along in the next couple weeks, the next couple months, and even further down the road. They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I'd say that craft supplies and new projects might just be this girl's best friends!

PS: Right now it feels more like chilly February where I live, but I'm going to trust that April weather will come soon. So for all ou April birthdays, happy birthday and I hope you're experiencing happy weather!


  1. World Vision does great work in our corner of the South Pacific! Thanks for encouraging and supporting them on your blog :-)

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